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new private property single house, south coast majorca

a private property – front line – with a breathtaking view of the island of cabrera on the south coast of majorca. an unmistakable new building is being built on the exposed plot. the architectural approach is to create a resource-saving, value-adding and sustainably designed property that combines a largely autonomous air-conditioning and building construction concept. In this way, the architecture is given the role of economic and ecological aspects to define the design concept.

the room program includes living areas, dining inside outside, on off kitchen, several bedrooms with bathroom en suite, master area with whirlpool, areas for office, games, billiards and daddling, as well as fitness spa and wellness; cinema inside and outside; a wine cellar and building services. finally, a garage for cars and more.

from a geological point of view, the plot is tricky ground. the coast of majorca consists of eroded limestone with an undercut, rocky structure. that gave the beginning to solve the problem in this architectural way. like a bridge building on rocks, the filigree half-timbered construction of this single-family house in j-shape rests on individual, massive and fragmented isolated concrete bodies that rest on the rocky ground.

the upper floor is planned as a cantilevered wooden and steel skeleton construction from an ensemble of several specially developed lattice girders; the ground floor is made of reinforced concrete. the building is accessed via a wide and very transparent hall, two-story with central access to all floors. In addition to lounch, it also includes a wine loop, which is in front of the private central garden.

this tropical chill out garden serves as an outdoor buffer between the sleeping rooms flanked on the left and the cooking, eating and living areas on the right. thus separates the day and night zones of the space program horizontally into two functional areas. the transverse asymmetrical infinity pool extends towards the sea and connects the two side buildings parallel to the coast by means of external terraces.

the generous living-dining-cooking-bar is almost dematerialized towards the garden with maximally mobile glazing. this creates the usage-optimized intersection between inside and outside in order to make the best possible use of the mediterranean climate. the sleeping areas, on the other hand, focus their view of the sea. a generous garage component zones the street side.

all parts of the building on the ground floor are designed in a deliberately introverted neighborhood-oriented manner. the panorama of the coast of majorca can be experienced all around on the upper floor. Insights are conditioned by the infill of the framework construction, which only has intelligent glazing. the facade is accentuated with glazing, some of which is made of colored glass. this creates a pavilion architecture, ambivalent intimate and possibly far-sighted. the glazing of the master areas, spa, fun and wellness can be switched to opaque depending on the mood and use. the facade glazing consists entirely of wall-high, large-area elements and can be deliberately partially opened on the sea and garden side.

In this way, not only do the exterior and interior areas merge on the ground floor and form functional and emotional interfaces between garden areas and living areas, but also elevate the flying construction of the truss to a floating structure. the kitchens are flexible on off and bbq kitchens in equal measure. in contrast to this, both building blocks are closed to the residents by wall panels in exposed concrete, which are only intermittent due to their use, accentuated by wall-height rotating and pocket glazing. this also creates intimacy in the urban fabric here. Partly with a basement, there is room in the basement for the bodega, cinema and building services.

the genuis loci is a godsend from a topographical and climatic point of view. At this point on the coast, the orientation towards the sun is sufficient for an efficient energy concept, whereby the summery sea breeze is introduced into the interior of the building and at the same time naturally ventilated. otherwise, heating and cooling requirements are covered in one kombi unit, which combines geothermal energy and highly efficient photovoltaic energy in a sustainable and resource-saving manner.

In addition to the diversified areas of the building architecture, a multifunctional outdoor area is also planned. fun areas, outdoor cinema, chill out zones and hammocks combine with sustainable garden architecture on the rest of the property, where autochthonous vegetation is used to create a consciously sparse adaptation to the natural environment.

project: 1923
size: confidencial
construction area: confidencial
client: confidencial
location: south coast, llucmajor, majorca
type: new customer single private property
team (building): jle
team (interior design): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architects: jle