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private single house, cala llombards majorca

this refurbishment turns an old majorcan single floor summerhouse into an inside living and outside terrace areas amalgamating to a wide open space. for better sea-views the single house residence, located at east coste of majorca, pulls traditional section uses upside down. wide open living spaces in first floor, meanwhile the sleeping rooms are organized in ground floor. hanging shutter elements keeps the sun protection flexible.gutting, add 2nd floor, complete refurbishment, extension, remodelling and renovation. up side down uses – sleeping downstairs, open living upstairs.

project: 0721 res. housing, landscape
size: confidential
construction area: confidential
client: confidential
location: cala llombards, santanyi majorca
type: residential single housing
team (house): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architects: jle