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new private property single house, southwest coast majorca

a private property – firontline – with breathtaking views of the open sea, the playa de palma and the bottom of the south-west coast of majorca. a luxury villa was built on this narrow plot, which combines outstanding values ​​that have never been achieved to this day. the building is located on the edge of a coastal knoll, a coastal fold leading 105 m above sea level. unique: seated you can see the shores of the majorcan coast from the inside. a uniqueness that is not repeated on this majorcan coast.

not a single adjacent development has this fantastic view of the shore. We recognized this genuis loci as a design concept for the design architecture as well as wanting to make it usable and productive in the technical and energetic sense. the wind, the sun, the thermal, the topography, the lines of sight and the shape of the plot; the previous positions of the neighboring buildings were also meticulously studied and analyzed. all usable factors were used for the design concept.

then we developed the organization chart for the space program to be implemented. In addition to the open living-dining-kitchen area, there were 4 bedrooms, each with a bathroom en suite, a small office, spa with hammam and separate sauna area, plenty of space for several cars and a large infinity pool.

the shape of the building is designed as an h-shape with two bars shifted towards each other and a central hall, which, following the shape of the property, opens in a v-shape towards the sea. A long infinity pool nestles in the double patios designed in this way on the sea side and a long water surface on the street side. This area of ​​water leads to the centrally located entrance area of ​​this luxury property, which is entered via a large, fully glazed rotating door system.

the medium of water, as a central design line, penetrates the entire structure from the sea along the longitudinal axis of the property. Separated by the medium of water, the two laterally flanking bars divide the room program into two functional areas, grouped according to – day time night time – with an open loft architecture in the room distribution at the same time. the generous living-dining-cooking-bar is the visavis sleeping bar.

Both parts of the building are deliberately designed to be introverted towards the neighborhood. the panorama of the coast of majorca and the patio with pool and its tropical vegetation can be experienced from anywhere through the deep, 136 m long glass facade, focusing, conceptually extremely dematerialized. to this day, the sequence of several fully glazed and barrier-free sliding elements forms the longest continuous glass facade of a single-family house in mallorca.

this is how a pavilion architecture is designed, ambivalent wide and wide despite the narrow topography of the property. the unmistakable characteristic architecture of the project is created by the floating, far cantilevered roofs, which asymmetrically shade the central pool from morning to evening with rich facets. By choosing the special steel structure for the roof, we not only achieved spans of over 7 m, but also usable, cantilevered and extremely flat roof surfaces.

the glass facade consists entirely of a combination of wall-high, large-area fixed glazing with multi-part sliding glass elements and can thus be deliberately fully opened to the sea and the inner courtyard. in this way, patio and building areas merge and form spatial and functional interfaces. the kitchen is on kitchen and bbq kitchen equally. living-lounge can be chill out or porche. the bedroom becomes the logia. in contrast to this, both building blocks close to the residents and on the street side by wall panels, which are only accentuated by wall-high fixed and pocket glazing.

the building is barely visible from the street, which creates intimacy in the urban fabric. the building is slightly sunk into the landscaping consisting of large garden plant levels and several terrace areas in the outdoor areas. ramps lead to the entrance area as well as to the basement.

the flat building with over 660 m2, with a complete basement, was built using a combination of steel-reinforced concrete skeleton construction. the genuis loci is a stroke of luck from an air conditioning point of view. The natural thermal at this point on the coast was the architectural and energetic godfather for the wide cantilevered roof surfaces, by means of which the summery sea breeze is directed into the interior of the building and at the same time provides natural shade.

this keeps the inside of the building surprisingly fresh in summer, without any air conditioning. In winter, the orientation of the sun and the sun’s rays from the lower-lying sun help to heat the building in an energy-saving way through the generous glazing.

otherwise, heating and cooling requirements are covered in a heat pump unit that combines both geothermal and highly efficient vacuum solar energy in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. the roof is acoustically and thermally optimized with extensive sedum green roofs. around and between the building architecture, a specifically Mediterranean and shady tree population was created. the generous garden architecture of the subsequently acquired neighboring property was planned and implemented in a second phase, where a private park was created using autochthonous vegetation.

project: 1306
size: 1.123 m2 (building), 1992,89 m2 (exterior)
constructuion area: 638,61 m2 (terrace incl.)
client: confidential
ort: south west coast sa torre, llucmajor, majorca
type: new private customer single house
team (building): jle
team (interior design): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architects: jle