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new private property single house, southwest coast majorca

a private property – front line – overlooking the playa de palma and the south-west coast of majorca. on the narrow plot, an h-shaped building was designed with two bars shifted towards each other and a central hall, which, following the shape of the plot, opens up to the sea in a v-shape. in the double patios designed in this way, a long infinity pool nestles on the sea side and on the street side you can reach the central entrance area via a water surface. the medium water deliberately penetrates the entire building from the sea along the longitudinal axis of the property. in the two laterally flanking bars the room program is divided into two functional areas, separated according to – day time night time – with an open loft architecture in the room distribution. the generous living-eating-cooking-bar is the visavis sleeping bar. both parts of the building are deliberately designed to be introverted towards the neighborhood. the panorama of the coast of majorca and the patio with the pool and its tropical vegetation can be experienced from anywhere through the deep, 136 m long glass facade, focusing, conceptually extremely dematerialized. this is how a pavilion architecture is designed, ambivalent wide and wide despite the narrow topography of the property. the glass facade consists entirely of wall-high, large-area sliding glass elements and can be deliberately fully opened to the sea and inner courtyard. in this way patio and building areas merge and form intersections in their functions. the kitchen is on and the bbq kitchen in equal measure. in contrast to this, both building blocks are closed to the residents by wall panels that are only accentuated by wall-high fixed and pocket glazing. that creates intimacy in the urban fabric. the flat building with a complete basement was built using a combination of steel-reinforced concrete skeleton construction. the genuis loci is a stroke of luck from an air conditioning point of view. the natural thermal at this point on the coast was the architectural and energetic inspiration for the wide cantilevered roof surfaces, by means of which the summer seascape is introduced into the building interior and at the same time naturally shaded. otherwise, heating and cooling requirements are covered in a single unit that combines geothermal and highly efficient solar energy in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. in addition to the building architecture, a generous garden architecture was planned and implemented on the subsequently acquired neighboring property, where a private park was created using autochthonous vegetation.

projekt: 1306
grösse: 1.123 m2 (bkf, gebäude), 1992,89 m2 (aussenanlagen)
grundfläche: 638,61 m2 (inkl. terrassen)
kunde: vertraulich
ort: südwestküste sa torre, llucmajor, mallorca
typ: neubau einfamilienhaus
team (gebäude): jle
team (aussenanlagen): jle
verantwortliche architekten: jle