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refurbishment private property single house, sa torre majorca

the private property – frontline – is located on an urban plot in the south of majorca. the existing building dates from 2009 and was completely redesigned and rebuilt in a family-friendly manner as part of the renovation work with relatively little effort. The architectural approach was to transform the entire property inside and out into a unique, value-adding property, in which a child-friendly and sustainable adventure world is created for a young family. Among other things, this also included the outdoor facilities, the too generously sealed areas of which were renatured into a really usable garden landscape. as the protagonist building material a natural material, not typical for majorca, was placed at the center of the architectural concept.


the versatile uses of bamboo, with its excellent physical and chemical properties, served perfectly to create the building architecture, interior architecture, furniture design and landscape design equally from the same material.
This diversity of the bamboo and its durability result in the sustainability that is important to us, jle architects. it makes the material very attractive and so it was in charge of the entire, deliberately reduced, design concept of project 1706. from this, minimalism developed in the sense of a reduction in the number of materials used. As much as possible should be realized with and from bamboo. the material was used almost untreated to design almost all architectural functions and design content.

starting with the planned huge, horizontal sliding elements for the pavilion-shading of the outside areas and terraces and vertical sliding elements for the perforated facade, through the realized flexible partition sliding walls in the interior of the bathrooms en suite. we also implemented any suspended ceilings indoors and outdoors. the common thread of bamboo runs through kitchen furniture, built-in cupboards and all washbasins, which were made from a combination of glue composite boards made of bamboo with solid. Finally, we planted a children’s maze made of many bamboo plants with recessed floor lights to create a chill and adventure area where sustainability can be grasped.

the existing: the spatial program that was found included living and dining areas, several bedrooms, each with a bathroom en suite, and a spacious, separate kitchen. the bedrooms all only had windows from parapet height and their bathrooms were disadvantageously separated from the sleeping area. the kitchen was completely separated from the living and dining area, without any view of the sea, from which one could have enjoyed the wide panorama of calvia and the playa de palma. an unfortunate situation that had to be corrected. The outdoor facilities on the sea side, like the outdoor facilities on the street side, were largely paved with easy-care paving. the existing architecture strictly separated the street from the sea.

the refurbishment: the area of ​​the bedrooms, porch and front garden was brought together visually by a huge, fully glazed rotating door system with the sea-side dining and living area and coastal garden. the generous glazing replaced by equally generous but openable sliding elements. this transparency creates “experiencing” and making visible the enormous depth of the property. the street-side outdoor facilities make the first row by the sea tangible. the windows of the bedrooms were broken open to allow access to all rooms from outside. more light and freedom of movement.
The interior walls of the kitchen were just as easily demolished. a family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. friends always end up in the kitchen. the view of the sea should not be missing. so a previously spacious living-dining area was expanded to include a very comfortable open american bar kitchen with a central kitchen block. the result is deservedly breathtaking, transparent and family-friendly. cooking and pool watching. the property became a loft. the interior walls between the bedrooms and bathrooms were also removed and replaced with light, room-zoning sliding elements made of bamboo and high-wall glazing.

the fusion of outside and inside, which is so important for mallorca: porche, bbq and pool; live, relax, cook, sleep; lingering outside. All of this could be achieved with relatively few, but consistent, interventions. the sealed areas of the outdoor facilities were replaced by large tropical plants. the oversized staircase is barrier-free thanks to the ramp. Outside seating created under trees as well as chill and relaxation zones for all generations.

the infinity pool has been revised and the entire building technology has been replaced with new technology in an intelligent and refurbishing manner.

project: 1706
size: confidencial
construction area: confidencial
client: confidencial
location: sa torre, majorca
type: new refurbishment customer single private property
team (building): jle
team (interior design): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architects: jle