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extension refurbishment, port andratx, majorca

from this hill over port andratx you have a breathtaking view over two beaches at once – marbles and pi, mola, the island dragonera, the mountain mon port, the village port andratx and the landscape of andratx. the clue is to clean up completely the existing building, remove the cores and carefully dematerialise it in a transparently way. the genius loci is the unique view. on all shot look like a gigantic livestream of drifting around andratx. the new roof terrace to chill out and the infinity pool to let yourself drift. the volumes of the existing building will be reorganised. the building flies over the plot and offers a panoramic view.

project: 1416
size: confidential
plot: –
client: confidential
location: southwest coast port andratx, majorca
type: single private residence
team (building): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architect: jle