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standalone extension es baluard, mallorca

three design concepts for a standalone extension, an independent museum building to the existing museum building “es baluard”. conceptually the design it subordinated to the given topography and to the existing wall of the building fabric reinforce the defense of “es baluard” hugs. here for the sake of the client unite permanent exhibition with works of the well known artist/painter anselm kiefer with temporary exhibitions of other artists. a museum of buried body undergoes a natural alternative overhead exposure, combined with lateral light pipes from the channel of the paseo mallorca.

project: 0605
scale: 7.000 m2
plot: variiert
client: hans vincent grothe
location: paseo marítimo, palma de mallorca mallorca
type: museumsbau, kultur
team (building): jle
team (landscape): jle
responsible architects: jle